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Outsourcing Sterile Products Preparation
Vendor Assessment Tool

What You Should Know

  • Limitations. This tool is based on the information available in May of 2015. It is possible that the relevant information has changed since the tool was launched and/or last updated.
  • Limitations. The tool is meant to help you identify areas that require additional attention, research, and/or consideration. It uses colors and is organized in sections to help you think through a process.
  • Vendor assessments can be edited and saved as often as you would like.
  • Based on the information you provide, vendors are evaluated as 503A Compounding Facility or a 503B Compounding Facility. This is an important distinction.
  • Important Considerations! In the scoring report that follows a complete assessment, we list considerations that are based on answers you provided. It is recommended that you read these considerations and make sure you fully understand the implications.
  • Post-Assessment Downloads. After answering all the question on the assessment, it is recommended that you download a PDF of the Assessment Questions with your answers highlighted by color category and a list of the questions for which you answered, "I Don't Know."
  • Orange Categoy. The "orange" category is used to identify questions to which you didn't know the answer. If the results of your vendor assessment include orange items, it is suggested that you gather additional information and then update the assessment until you eliminate all responses from the "orange" category.
  • User Code. If you can't locate your User Code, try searching your e-mail for a message with the subject "How to resume Vendor Assessments at" from the e-mail address "[email protected]." If you still need help,